Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SDA show 1 -- best in show

Had a great weekend attending the opening of the Surface Design Association juried show at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn NY.  My piece "Unspooled" was not only in the show but got to be the postcard image, always a happy event.  There were lots of pieces in the show, and I am sorry to report that I was so busy listening to the juror and artists talk about the work, and of course to schmooze with people, that I didn't have time to properly look at every piece in the show.  So my report will be somewhat subjective.

First some remarks about the show theme, "Transgressing Tradition."  Some of the works were indeed nontraditional, using exotic materials or unfamiliar techniques.  But there was very little that was truly new (well, is there ever?) and every one of the exotic materials on display I've seen used in the past by other artists.  I do not say this as a criticism; in fact, I think sometimes show organizers bend too far over backwards to search out "new and different" when instead I wish they would be searching out "good."

I was more puzzled by the term "transgressing," which seems to have an overtone of naughtiness or outrageousness.  I didn't see much in the show that I would consider transgressive, but that's not a criticism either.  So never mind.  Just saying.

Here's the best in show:

Eszter Bornemisza, Next Page (details below)
It's a large piece, made from X-ray films held together in a stitched grid.  The top layer (the right-hand edge of which is folded forward and hangs free) shows a map of Budapest, Bornemisza's home town.  The bottom layer has a random array of letters, signs and symbols that you might find on a map,  There's a slight gap between the layers, hanging separately from the wall pegs, and the whole thing hangs an inch or so out from the wall so you get dramatic shadow effects.

You know I'm a sucker for grids, and for stitching across thin air to join pieces of stuff with space in between, so what's not to like about this piece?

I'll show you more from the exhibit in subsequent posts.

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  1. Just catching up, but so good to see the new direction of Eszter's work that still says it is Eszter's work!