Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sewing for the third generation

Thoreau warned us to beware of enterprises requiring new clothes; I might revise that advice to cover new clothes requiring alterations, since I'm the one in the family who has to make the alterations.  While I adore mending, I'm not so hot on alterations.  Nevertheless I do them.

Yesterday I got to step up to the plate for Isaac's new Cub Scout uniform, which set his mom back more than $100 (!?!?!?!?!?!?) at the Scout store on Tuesday.  Cubs Scout pants have to be the only kids' pants still sold in the United States that come without hems; they're made six inches too long and somebody has to take them up.  I wonder how families without sewing grandmas deal with this challenge.

But I rose to the challenge, not only with hemming the pants but also sewing the troop number on the sleeve.  I was happy that the other patches, indicating the local Boy Scout Council as well as the American flag, came pre-sewed.  After years of mending only for big men, I had forgotten how small little boys' sleeves are and how hard it is to get your sewing machine in on those little numbers without inadvertently catching some other part of the garment in the seam.

I guess the Scouts still value those old traditional survival skills like sewing.  I wonder if they will instill them in the boys as well as demanding them of the moms and grandmas!


  1. That is one cute grandson! I make Halloween (and anytime) costumes for my grandson. He loves it....or did. My favorite memory is when I rigged up an astronaut helmet out of poster board and a page protector and the uniform from a white kitchen garbage bag. He wore it all day and left here to go home still wearing it!
    Now that he's a big 5th grader, we'll see.

  2. Longer pants legs--because that little guy is going to grow--I hope you left extra so you can let the hems down in a few months.

  3. Cute grandson!

    I'm not sure they actually value sewing as they expect you do it for free after charging $100+ for the garment. I too wonder what the little boys do if they don't have sewing people in the family.

  4. Isaac looks like a very proud - and cute - Cub Scout. What a really nice picture this is.

  5. When my son was a Boy Scout he altered his own pants while on a hike on the Olympic Peninsula. He needed shorts and went the easy route with a hatchet! Boy Scouts "Always Prepared"! Your little one is adorable and just you wait. He will develop these skills too.

  6. I wonder if the non-sewers use iron-on tape for hems (and maybe badges)...