Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Daily art update 7 -- museum maps and a plea for help!

I wrote last week about train tickets that have been brought to me by vacationing friends.

And speaking of friends....

I'm always wildly grateful for help from my friends.  I've been asking people who are on their way to vacation if they would bring me train tickets, maps or any tourist things that include a map.  I'm thinking of things like museum brochures that have a street map on the back or business cards from restaurants with a street map.

Here are four pages that will eventually become part of a book called "My Friends Go to the Museum."  Each page has the name of the museum, a little picture of something on display in the museum, a map, and of course, thanks to the friends who brought it to me.

I find it interesting that different museums have such different approaches to maps.  The Bologna map is totally detailed, showing every street within a one-mile radius.  The Paris map is stylized, with only a few main drags.  The Sao Miguel map shows a whole chunk of Portugal.

I would love to have a lot more pages in this book, so here's an invitation -- if you have brought home piles of brochures from past travels that are simply gathering dust in your files or piles, and you'd just as soon have them disappear and become somebody else's junk, and a few of them include a map on the back page, send them to me!  I will love and cherish them and turn them into certified ART, and thank you on the page.

Same with tickets, or museum brochures that include a map/floor plan of the museum rather than a street map.  Every one will find a home in my daily art this year.  And these ephemera don't have to come from exotic places -- the next time you visit your local museum, look on the back of the brochure and see if you find a map.  If you do, I would be a very happy recipient.

In case you are moved to send me something, shoot me an email and I'll tell you my address (I'm hesitant to publish it on the internet, although of course a thousand hackers across the second and third worlds already know it).  And my sincerest thanks in advance!


  1. I always being home travel brochures, tickets etc. I'll see what else I have in addition to the map of Portugal. I save travel ephemera, thinking I'll use it one day, but so far I haven't. So glad you do!

  2. I have a map layout of the Whitehead Memorial Museum in Del Rio Texas which honors Judge Roy Bean. I took quite a few photos in the museum as well. You are welcome to choose a few of those if you like and I can send you the map layout.

  3. I've got a few to send you, I'm really liking the direction the maps are taking.

  4. I collected some "infomercial" tourist maps from a hotel lounge, depicting some "districts" of Delhi. Let me know if you'd be interested.

  5. dede -- I'd love to have them but I suspect that the cost of postage from India would be prohibitive. Thank you so much for the offer!