Friday, November 16, 2018

Workshop report 3

One of my students has already finished the piece begun in the Loose Threads workshop last month.  Linda Bohlen sent this photo of her little quilt, "Snow on the Mountain." 

She thought the diagonal lines looked like a mountain range, and added some hand stitching to make a dusting of snow on the peak.

It's always nice when you like a workshop piece enough to take it home and finish it!  And even nicer when it comes out looking great.


  1. That is lovely! brilliant how she restricted the snow. It is just enough, not too much.

  2. Compliments to your both! Good teachers = good results! Fabulous piece!

  3. It is also nice when a workshop inspires you to do that. The hand quilting is a nice touch and I particularly like the use of the striped fabric for the fine lines. Well done, teacher and student!