Saturday, August 10, 2019

Last week on Art With a Needle

Quilting!!  I have three tops finished and the fourth one almost ready to be sandwiched.  My original thought had been to make them all the same size and then I could join them into a four-patch big quilt.  But even though I made every attempt, somehow they ended up different sizes.  I have never worried about this kind of thing happening, because one of the big advantages of the quilt format is that quilts can be whatever size they end up to be -- they don't have to fit into frames or be attached to stretcher bars, so who cares if something is 56 inches wide or 55?  But if you're going to fit four together into a square...

Then I realized that it still didn't matter, that I could fit four together no matter how large each one might be.

So that's my plan.  Not sure if the four I have made so far will end up together or if I'll make more for a different color plan.  But these are sewing up so nicely that I don't mind making more.

After I wrote about my adventure with the kitchen ceiling fan, Carol left a comment: "We have ceiling fans, though current decorating gurus say they are passe."  Oh my.  I am so sorry to hear that.  Guess I have to take all mine down, as it is important to me to be on trend, decorating-wise.  (Wait till the gurus find out that I still have formica counters in my kitchen, and love them.)

Here's my favorite miniature of the week:

I used this very old thread to wind a bobbin, and was surprised to find that the empty styrofoam spool was a beautiful pale yellow.  Hard to think that the color leached out of the thread, which was olive green (but who knows what happens to dye chemistry as time goes by) but also hard to think that the manufacturer would deliberately color the invisible part of the spool before use.  A mystery.

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