Friday, November 13, 2020

For my tombstone

Last night I received one of the strangest and loveliest compliments I've ever heard.

My beloved daughter-in-law, after coming over loaded with groceries, cooking and serving dinner, and cleaning up the kitchen, said to me "I love coming over here.  It kind of reminds me of my grandmother's house.  It smells so good, like... like a house full of neatly folded textiles!"

We laughed at the weirdness of the simile, and yet I thought what a wonderful way to sum up my life! The rest of my house is a jumble, a game of musical mess, with piles of stuff moved from one place to another as I need to clear off this table or that counter -- but my textiles are always neatly folded.  

What character flaw has made me compulsive about the sheets and towels and sweaters and fabric and so laissez-faire about everything else?  

I don't know, but there it is.  Maybe that should go on my tombstone -- HER TEXTILES WERE ALWAYS NEATLY FOLDED.  You could be remembered for worse.


  1. I can so relate. I even go so far as to iron my sheets, but lots of messes lurking everywhere else. I've never minded doing laundry...I find it soothing.

  2. I also have felt compelled to have neatly folded textiles. The thought of my linen closet not looking just like ... Uh oh! Remember the early days of TV with the omnipresent commercials for laundry soap? Remember how those lovely towels were folded and neatly stored? Am I just an early example of how advertising can influence us?

  3. Oh, another one...My sister is just like this...OMG I always want her to help me fold my fabric, but she says it is hopeless!!

  4. I resemble this, in so many ways! Neatly folded kitchen towels; semi-neat linen closet; rolled sweaters, sorted by type; clothes hanging by color, etc.. But my "Dangerous Room"/aka studio? It's a mess as I remove fabric from the neatly folded piles of color-coordinated stacks of fabric! I really do need to get in here and get busy. Maybe tomorrow?