Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo du jour



  1. okay, I grew up on a farm with holsteins.

    Did this cow actually have the gray haloing around the black spots? or was this done for some sort of show.
    at any rate it is well cool, as kids round here say.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. If you shave the cow do the spots remain?

  3. Sandy -- the gray halo was real -- I pondered that quite a bit as I looked at the animals (at the Kentucky State Fair a couple of years ago). I didn't grow up on a farm but was taught to distinguish the different breeds as a baby and holsteins have always been my favorite.

    Terry -- I suspect yes but can't swear to it. Let's ask Sandy

  4. yes, it is like spots on a dog. the colouring is that the hair folicles are producing different colours...or something like that! It is not like when a child with blond hair has a place where dark hair grows. The spot is actually on the skin as well. think dalmations.

    however, I have never seen grey at all that I know of, hence the question. but maybe it is grey underneath or a fine mixture of black and white.

    I think that cow must be so valuable. My dad and I went everywhere trying to find a holstein which was all white. We did find one that only had one black ear, so we got him! I think this one would be a cow you would dig deep in pockets to own!
    what amazes me that it is not just in the body, it is on the flank as well.

    Do you have any other photos of a full view?

  5. Interesting. I love the idea of skin and hair being the same.