Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mr. April -- still our favorite quilt date

Last year I heard from Lynne Croswell that she had finished a piece made from the fine-line technique in my April quilt date.  She recently entered it in a small, fairly traditional quilt show and was pleased to learn this week that it had won the viewers' choice award, with more than 2,000 visitors voting.

Lynne Croswell, Witch Hobble

The bad news is that the judges apparently didn't realize that all the intricate fine lines were actually pieced in.  Lynne deduced this from their comments at the opening reception -- they talked about the "folds" on her quilt! 

If I may be forgiven for a snarky comment, I must observe that traditional quilt judges are supposed to be really up on matters of technique, even if they're not always so knowledgeable about nontraditional design and composition.  Bad marks to them for not noticing the tremendous amount of work that went into this quilt.  And good marks to the viewers for recognizing a good piece when they saw it.



  1. Hi, Kathy. Consider the brighter wouldn't have been a good story to tell without the judges' comments! Indeed the viewers had good taste.
    best, nadia

  2. I saw Lynn'es quilt in person and it is incredible. I also said, "Shame on the judges for not recognizing quality." She was very pleased, as she should have been, to get Viewer's Choice, but the judges should have known better.

  3. A compliment to you both..for teacher and for student. It is a beautiful piece...but atlas, we are only asking for a 'judge's opinion' when we enter shows. Too bad but at least 2000 enjoyed and appreciated the workmanship!

  4. Good for the viewers and the judges should be ashamed. My MIL who doesn't quilt wouldn't know from folds, but a quilt show JUDGE should certainly be held to a higher standard. Good to know though. Keeps the opinions of others in perspective. And as Multicolored Pieces said, it sure does make a good story.

  5. This is a fabulous example of fine lines. Thanks for sharing it with us.