Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday funnies 1

If you're a really, really faithful reader of this blog, perhaps you visited this morning expecting to find a photo suite of four to seven pictures on a theme.  I love to group my photos into theme collections, finding that together they seem to mean more than they do alone.  I've been posting a photo suite every Sunday since New Year's Day 2012, and last week was number 209.

But I decided to make a change in my rules this year.  I'll still do photo suites, but only once a month, on the first Sunday. On the other Sundays I'll post a single photo -- one that I hope will make you laugh or at least smile a little bit.  In a nod to my youth, I'm calling this new series "Sunday funnies" -- what we used to call the comic pages.  I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Love your idea. It is better than the real funnies, which I remember so well. You never know what people are thinking when they decorate. Is the horse statue a common feature in Lexington yards?

    1. I'm actually in Louisville, but I suppose it's the same as Lexington. I don't see many horse statues -- you can find jockeys everywhere but few horses -- but I think I have seen one or two others of this same size, probably from the same mold. Very rarely I'll find a jockey WITH a horse as HERE and HERE