Monday, October 2, 2017

Guilt and construction work

We're now starting the fifth week of construction work on two projects: rebuilding two decks and combining two small bathrooms into one glorious big one.  I think we're past the midpoint on both projects, but who knows?  I can still access my studio, but guys are sawing and pounding right outside the window, and more important, I need peace and quiet to decide what to work on next.

new tub in place -- everything else yet to come

So I've been going through piles of old newspapers, some of them dating back years, reading all the art reviews that I had set aside, clipping as needed, throwing away what's left.  Reading books.  Spending time with the new grandchild.

Most of the time, I'm not really needed here, but every so often there's a decision to be made.  Who knew it would take a half hour to determine how to install the lights and switches in the bathroom?  Should the light over the sink go on when you turn on the room lights or be on a separate switch?  Should the fan come on automatically with the room lights, or automatically with the shower light, or on its own switch?  Should the light be directly over the tub, or centered over the floor area between tub and shower?

Meanwhile, I'm reading about projects that many of my blogging friends are working on, and feeling guilty that I'm not doing anything useful.  I can't even concentrate enough to decide what my next project is going to be, let alone start staging up for it.  And the year-end tasks -- photo calendars, 55 Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings for the new baby and maybe others -- are looming.

Maybe I won't do anything important till next year, and would that be so horrible?  Well no, except for the guilt....


  1. It is awful when your schedule is interrupted, but sometimes those interruptions are necessary to regroup and rethink your normal. Sounds to me like you are right on track!

  2. Ugh! It always takes twice as long as you think. Unless it takes 20 times longer like my friend's bath remodel. Perhaps you could make 'bundle' Christmas ornaments from the bath remodel rubble? Supplies are convenient...
    Maybe you could take your pen or brush and camp out at a coffee shop?
    You're good at challenges, I bet you could devise something. I got nothin on the photo calendars. Edit on a laptop at the coffee shop??
    Hate it when something is so disruptive. But you'll have a fabulous bathroom at the end!!

  3. Ah, guilt ... "the gift that keeps on giving"...

    A point to ponder - what is the opposite of guilt?

  4. Having just been thru this same construction this past summer I can understand and empathize with what you're going thru. We redid 2 bathrooms and put new windows in our house. As you say you couldn't even think with all the noise and dust but I did persevere thru and made 2 small quilts. I'm sure everything will be beautiful when it's done and you'll be glad you did it. It took us almost 2 months till it was finished.