Friday, October 13, 2017

The people have assembled

The first amendment installation is finished -- awaiting transport to the banquet site next week. 

I hope the people are all firmly enough anchored into the base so they can survive the trip.  I'll drive slowly.  But if not, I'll take some extra wire along so I can jam the armatures more snugly into the holes on site.

I love the way they're crowded together, peaceably, just like it says in the constitution.


  1. This is a wonderful installation!

  2. They all go together so well, made at different times out of different scraps. A parable!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. A real conversation piece. Irene in Northern Ireland

  4. What I really love about this is you started making the daily people with no end game. Making for Making's sake. Then, there actually was an end game that presented itself. Brava!

  5. What a great little crowd of everybody. Magical that you're little people were perfect for this installation.

  6. I totally love this installation.
    Way to go!