Saturday, March 9, 2019

Last week on Art With a Needle

After I wrote about the "home songs" I'm doing in calligraphy, Gail left a comment:  "When I read this, my earworm immediately started alternating between My Indiana Home and Tie a Yellow Ribbon.  Yesterday it was Sweet Home Alabama and today it's Simon & Garfunkel's Homeward Bound.  LOL!"

I've already calligraphed (if that's a word) Indiana and Homeward Bound; Alabama is on my list but I haven't gotten to it yet.  But I had totally forgotten that Yellow Ribbon has "home" in it!  In case you've forgotten too, it's in the very first line of the song -- "I'm coming home, I've done my time."
So I immediately looked up the lyrics and did that as today's daily art.

If anybody else thinks of some home songs, please let me know.  Not the easy ones, like Home on the Range or Home Sweet Home, but ones like Yellow Ribbon where the magic word is incidental to the theme.  So far my favorite hidden treasure is Take Me Out to the Ball Game -- sing it to yourself and you'll find the home!

Here's my favorite miniature of the week.  When I was grating a nutmeg (hand-imported from Grenada) I realized that the inside was hollowed out, so I grated some more from the other side to make a ring.

You can check out all the daily calligraphy and miniatures here.


  1. "I'm going home" Arlo Guthrie (from Alice's Restaurant)
    "Sing me back home" The Byrds
    "Heading `home" Eric Bibb
    "Singing the spirit home" Eric Bogle
    "It's Nice To Go Trav'llin" Frank Sinatra...

    1. Helen -- thank you! I do not know any of these songs but I will look them up!

  2. Take me home country roads John Denver.
    You might be having a side collection of home states.

  3. One of my favorites is Blue Kentucky Girl sung by Emilou Harris....”just come on home to your blue Kentucky girl.”
    Oh yeah!
    Jim suggests, “I’m on my way to the old home,” by Bill Monroe.

    LOVE the concept!

  4. And “Two of Us,” by the Beatles.
    “Our House,” doesn’t have the word home in it, but it’s about a home...Crosby, Stills,etc.
    This is fun🏠

  5. "Show me the way to go home,
    I'm tired and I want to go to bed.
    I had a little drink about an hour ago
    And it went right to my head."