Monday, March 18, 2019

Still trying to find home

I wrote last week about my attempts to make "home" art with machine stitching, and how I abandoned them.  But meanwhile another train of thought was chugging along.

Previously a fellow artist in my gallery had suggested that I go through my 80,000 photos and find some having to do with homes.  I found a bunch that featured people's front steps, and I made 4x6 prints to show to my art pals.

They liked the photos a lot but thought it would not be sufficient to just hang the small prints, as I had done with a lot of photos in my solo show last fall.  Either I would have to print them up really big, or print them onto aluminum, or something else to give some oomph to the presentation.

I was not wild about these ideas, because I have never done any of those things with my photos and I don't have enough time to experiment.

What else could I do to get extra oomph?  Stay tuned.


  1. I really like these pictures. I avoid taking pictures of my neighbor's houses, but I don't hesitate when traveling farther away.

  2. Print on fabric and add oomph with thread?

  3. Collage elements from different photos? If you are comfortable with Photoshop Elements you can try this idea without actually cutting the photos. Maybe the Photoshop collage would be suitable for framing.

  4. I like Hallsie's idea...fabric with thread and/or paint.