Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilt National report 7 -- separated at birth

I'm always intrigued to find works by different artists that seem very similar -- as though the same vibe was going silently through the universe to be picked up by whomever was listening.  Here are two pairs that I saw at Quilt National.

Luanne Rimel, Venetian Stone 2 (photo shot in a cemetery in Venice)

Ann Rebele, Forgotten But Not Gone: Mary Ester (photo shot in a cemetery in New Orleans)

Dinah Sargeant, Pink Dog Blue Rain

Anne Smith, Mother me Mother you


  1. I have been enjoying your posts about quilt national very much.

    Your blog is very intelligent and a joy to read. So glad to have discovered it.

    And congratulations on your wonderful work.

  2. thanks, Judy! what lovely compliments

  3. glad you caught the similarities! and I too am intrigued when I hear ideas percolate in several places at the same time.. as you say, the universe conspiring to reveal something through individuals. Makes me think: pay attention!

  4. The Dinah Sargent piece is an absolute fave of mine, thanks for your perceptive posts, they bring back some great memories!