Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quilt National report 8 -- quilting

As you might expect, most of the work in Quilt National was machine quilted, some minimally, some lushly.  I gravitate toward dense and lavish quilting, and found lots to take detail shots of.  Here are some of the most impressive examples.

Paula Kovaric, Global Warming, The Great Unraveling
the quilting makes a map of the Arctic

Sara Impey, Tickbox Culture
the entire quilt is covered with machine-quilted letters, about two inches square

Diedre Adams, Facade VII

Shoko Hatano, Color Box #13

B. Michele Maynard, Vera Loves Her Gun

Lisa Call, Structures #113
The stitching lines are about 1/8 inch apart.

But maybe you prefer a more minimalist approach to quilting.  In that case, you would love this piece -- clearly the least quilting per square foot in the show.

Glenys Mann, Memory Cloth #11: Worn

Those little dimples across the center of the photo are hand stitches, so tiny as to be practically invisible, maybe an inch apart horizontally but the rows are several inches apart vertically.  They do hold the quilt together very nicely. 


  1. WOW..thanks for posting these awesome quilts and showing the quilting! It is amazing to me what is being done these days!!

  2. Kathleen: Just got back from QN. Saw your quilt. It was stunning. Congrats.

  3. I, too, like a lot of quilting. Thanks for the photos. You really got some good detail shots.