Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Package project update 3

Perhaps the most interesting packages are those made from strange miscellaneous things that you or others have kept for a long time, but objectively have no real purpose any more.

A friend from my fiber art group brought me these bits of wood, from which somebody had cut little dolls.  She thought I might find them useful.  And I did -- ten minutes after I came home from the meeting, I made them into a bundle.

Years ago I had a cheap plastic frame for a poster but after a while the plastic warped, cracked and wouldn't hold together.  Why had I kept it all this time underneath the shelves in the workroom?

And my favorite: a dozen sturdy metal brackets to hold up the heavy blinds in my studio.  The blinds came down the week we moved into the house, but the hardware stayed. 


  1. What, if anything, do you plan to do with these bundles?

  2. Norma -- that's a good question. I make art because I want to make it. If possible, I like to display it so other people can see it. I really don't want to sell it (not that anybody would ever buy this kind of project).

    So maybe I'll try to find a way to display it. But meanwhile, I'm making it and that is sufficient for now.