Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Favorite blogs

In this just-post-Oscar month I'm pleased to reveal that I too have won an award given by my peers.  It's the Liebster Blog award, a sort of chain letter among people who have small blogs.  I was given the award by Sara Kelly, whose blog is here.  The rules of the game are that I pass along the honor by naming some blogs I enjoy reading.
One of the nice things about this kind of pass-along is that you have a chance to see blogs that might not already be on your radar screen.  When I looked back to see who else Sara had chosen, I found two blogs I already follow, but also two new ones that were fun to sit down and read. 

About a year ago I had the pleasure of being given this same award, from an entirely different geographical direction. I suppose if people are passing it along every day or so, it's inevitable that it will cross paths with itself sooner or later -- my son the actuary could probably tell us how long it would take before every blog in the world is touched (except those so awful that even the bloggers' mothers wouldn't nominate them for an award).  To avoid this kind of cybergridlock, I don't feel that I should pass along to quite so many people as I did the first time. 

Instead I'm going to simply name Uta Lenk, a fine fiber artist from Germany whom I met some years ago at a Nancy Crow workshop.  Uta deserves some kind of blogger brownie points because she has blogs in both German and English.  Occasionally I haul out the dictionary and try to read the German one, but I never miss the English version.  So if you aren't familiar with her blogs, take a minute and check one out, depending on your language preference.

Thanks, Sara, for the great compliment, and thanks to the entire blogwriting and blogreading community out there who get a lot of pleasure out of getting to know one another and occasionally passing along a pleasant little honor.

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  1. Thank you thank you for sharing her blog I loved it love color.