Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Form, Not Function 5 -- something different

Every art/quilt show worth its salt has something a little different, something that doesn't follow the usual format of a flat-against-the-wall quilt.  This year's FNF, of course, chose one like this for its best in show; here are some more pieces that fell into this niche.

Shannon Conley, 33°20'N, 105°33'W, 64 x 34 x 6" (detail below)

It has been quilted and pierced, then scrunched and stiffened into a sconce-like form that opens toward the top.  The desert colors reflect the remote New Mexico location of its title (but I hope the actual terrain of the place isn't quite this wrinkled).

Katherine Gibson, Unwearable Cloak, 60 x 84" (detail below)

Gibson has neatly cut magazine pages into tabs, layered them and stitched everything to a fabric support.  I might have wished only for a bit more color to pep up the white expanse of the top half.  I hope the paper will hold up for this quilt to be shipped and seen at many more shows!


  1. Thanks for sharing my piece! I giggled about your hope that the terrain wasn't quite so wrinkly, as the form of the piece wasn't designed with the topography in mind. However, it turns out the terrain there really is "wrinkly" even though I wasn't thinking about that when I made it! The quilt was inspired by a region of Lincoln National Forest where we hike every day when I get to visit my folks in southern NM. It's very mountainous there in spite of being very dry and desert-y and the trails we hike on wind through fairly narrow canyons and arroyos that merge with one another and split off again. Thanks for making me think more deeply about my own work as well as others!

  2. I am a big fan of Shannon. She does the most innovative three dimensional work. I’m happy to see it in this prestigious show. Thanks for sharing all of the other pieces. Some amazing work there!