Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My new toy

As any machine sewist knows, you can't go anywhere without your seam ripper.  But since said tool has a very sharp point (if yours doesn't any more, throw it out and buy a new one) it's a little tricky to transport it to workshops or other venues.  My typical solution was to get an old wine cork and jam it on the sharp point before I put the ripper in my bag.

That works fine, and has the additional benefit of being no-cost.  (If you need a cork, let me know and I'll be happy to send you three dozen or so.)

But when I taught a workshop last year, I was totally thrilled to be given a present: a new and improved seam ripper that protects itself (and you) when you're not using it.

Here's the ripper in defense mode:

And here it is open for business:

You'll notice how tiny this little baby is, which can be a problem when it hides under your fabric.  But who could resist this adorable toy?  And it has a skinny point and sharp blade, extremely helpful when you're doing fine piecing. 

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