Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cincinnati glitterati 2

More on my observations from the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati last week in which we found glitter, gleam and shine everywhere.

In case you're wondering, I have no photos of Swarovski crystals, not because they weren't present but because I couldn't get my camera to record the glitter.  But I was glad to see they weren't in a huge quantities made infamous by some quilts of years past, such as a big winner at Paducah that had 130,000 crystals ON THE BACK.  Perhaps this is a result of the still-troubled economy -- who can afford them in bulk?

paint /  Rita Summers, doorkeepers (detail)

metallic ribbon / Frances Holliday Alford, Capital Hardware (detail)

ribbon with metallic trim / Kathy Johnson, For My Love (detail)

and would the show be complete without angelina fibers? / (oops, forgot to get the artist's name)

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