Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drawing with a needle

The other day a friend showed me a wonderful book whose cover was illustrated by needlework.  And not just illustrated, but titled --

Here's the inside of the cover:

And an explanation of what it's all about:

I really liked how the text was rendered in stitches -- wonky and handmade for the title and author, perfect for the "type" and logo.

Of course the drawing itself was the star of the show.  And I loved being able to see the back of the work.

If you visit Jillian Tamaki's website you'll find other embroidery projects in wild and fantastic styles, and some surprisingly traditional quilts.  Worth a peek.


  1. does the book name the artist who did the embroidery?

    or is that the artist you linked to?
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I wonder if her work was at the MADD exhibit, "Pricked, Extreme Embroidery" in NYC a couple of years ago. If not, it would have fit right in.
    Loved her website.

  3. Sandy -- yes, Jillian Tamaki is the artist who did the book. sorry -- maybe the text that I photographed was too small to read.

  4. Those are very cool, thanks for sharing them.

  5. Love seeing the back of the work on the inside of the cover! Another example of this front/back, outside/inside phenomenon is in a book that accompanied Matthew Harris's exhibition a few years ago; I have a copy somewhere but it's a slim volume and you know how easily those disappear on a bookshelf. When it turns up, I'll put it on my blog.

  6. Oh, dumb. I didn't read the picture. But I did follow the link after I posted the message.
    thanks for showing it. Fascinating idea.