Friday, February 19, 2016

A new blog to amuse you

Every now and then I like to share a new blog discovery that has sucked me in to a black hole of back posts, just in case you need something a little exciting in your life.  Most of these discoveries come from checking out the sidebars on other people's blogs, where they post blogs they follow. You may have noticed that I don't post blogs that I follow, because it's a really long list, and changes frequently, but that doesn't mean I don't look at other people's lists.

This week's discovery came from the sidebar in Molly Elkind's blog, Talking Textiles, but it has nothing to do with textiles and only a little bit to do with great art.  It's called That Is Priceless,  and every day it presents an actual Famous Painting, with an altered title.  For instance:

Ralph Hedley, English
Sculptor Pretty Sure He's Going to Lose His Security Deposit For This, 1881

Kuroda Seiki, Japanese
When the NFL Experimented with Using Strippers as Refs, 1899

Nikolai Vasilevich Nevrev, Russian
Russian Monks Sending a Snapchat, 1880

Some of the new titles are sophomoric, some are raunchy and/or irreverent, and a few I just don't get, but I do reliably get a laugh out of most of them.  Don't you need 30 seconds of fun to start out your day?  Sign up for this guy's blog!