Sneak peeks at my new book

My new book has just been published and you can buy a copy here.  Scroll down for some sneak peeks at what's inside.

The  premise is that you don't need to use other people's patterns to make beautiful quilts. Instead, I start with a traditional quilt block -- the Rail Fence -- and use it as the foundation for a bazillion variations.

As I write in the book:  "I've known women who have been quilting for 30 years and turn out exquisite quilts by the dozen, but still use  other people's patterns.  No matter how many state fair ribbons they've won, they're still not confident enough to make up their own designs.

"To me that's sad.  My great joy in making a quilt is not that I've sewed straight seams and gotten it to lie flat -- heck, any Third World sweatshop worker can do that -- but that I've made a pleasing design, and that my quilt is unlike anybody else's.  This part has the creativity and the joy, and I want to do that myself, not buy it from somebody else."

Read what other bloggers have to say about the book (click on their names to read the full reviews):

Judy Kirpich:  "She is encouraging without being condescending and manages to offer some great techniques for beginners as well as more experienced seamstresses."

Bonnie Bucknam: "She takes you step-by-step through the decisions needed to come up with your own unique and successful quilt design.  From choosing the block and the layout to fabric choices, Kathleen  has good advice each step of the way."

Paula Kovarik:  "When Kathleen Loomis sat down to write her book about designing quilts she must have had a lot of fun because this book is chock-a-block full of hints and happiness."

Terry Jarrard-Dimond:  "Once you begin to see all the options available in one simple block you likely will begin to spread  your wings and become a 'pattern-free' quilt maker."

Beth Schnellenberger:  "One of the reasons I liked the book SO much is that after reading it, I felt like, "Yeah, I can do that!"  I wanted to head right to my studio to experiment with some of the ideas  presented in the book, and only one other book has ever made me feel like that."

Alison Schwabe:  "With the simple classic rail fence block design and using clear, logically arranged text and diagrams in each chapter, you will understand how to use the block as a master plan, and how you can then devise infinite variations."

Vivien Zepf:  "Kathy's book takes away some of the mystery and makes the creating process accessible to even the most beginning quilter."

Norma Schlager: "If you've ever used any of Kathy's free tutorials on her blog, as I have, you know she is an excellent teacher."

Linda McLaughlin:  "...and then there are the samples, lots of wonderful samples that make you realize just how versatile the humble rail fence block is."

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