Friday, April 21, 2023

More daily Joanne

I wrote last week about my daily art project for this year, and showed you several collages that depended on the prints in my friend Joanne's leftovers.  My task in working with these strong patterns is mainly to find a few that want to play together, then put them together and stand back.  On the other end of the spectrum are the pieces that I make on solid color fabrics, or those with minimal patterning.  Those generally serve as the base for more elaborate stitching or applique.

mostly blanket stitch, plus an appliqued moon

cretan stitch and a few beads

machine appliqued tiny trees, about 3/4" from ground to tip

stacked running stitches make mandalas

more stacked running stitches


  1. Oooo - like them all! I don't always go for these small stitching project outcomes but these are good with some interesting ways to use the stitches..

    1. Since there's a new one every day, and I don't want to spend hours on each one, I sometimes use the project as a tryout or reminder of different stitches. I did several days with cretan stitch to get it back into my repertoire -- you need to get it into your head or it won't flow smoothly.

  2. I love looking at the detailed work .