Saturday, November 6, 2010


October 31 -- outdoor seating

November 1 -- Christmas colors

November 2 -- Christmas tree

November 3 -- setting sun

November 4 -- side door

November 5 -- streetlight

November 6 -- backlit


  1. When I see your photos I've often thought, "She must live in a special place where she can find such interesting subjects."
    But I realize that is probably not true. You capture ordinary things that catch your eye and reveal your perception.
    I've been trying to carry my camera along with me just in case I spot something interesting. However I do not have your ability to see the ordinary in an intesting way.

  2. So "Setting Sun" is the lovely image you were telling me about. The light on the building is really amazing.

    Of course I am sort of partial to "Christmas Tree". You know my love of bridges and towers.

    Marti Plager

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Christine, the key is indeed to have your camera in your pocket all the time, and to be looking for things to photograph. If you're on the lookout, it's surprising what you can see, even on the most ordinary street.