Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sewn jewelry

The challenge today on the Quiltart list is to post pictures of jewelry we've made, presumably with quilting or sewing techniques.  So I'll chime in.

I like to make embellished cords by machine-zigzagging over a cord or bundle of cords.  It's easy to use metallic threads by putting them in the bobbin.  You can string beads on the cord, before, after or during the zigzagging, or make bobbles by stitching over and over the same spot.  You can join cords by holding them together and zigzagging over the whole bunch.  If you want a bead to stay at a particular spot on the cord, just tie a knot or make some bobbles beneath it.

It occurs to me that I need to introduce you to a Quilt Date for November, so I'll tell you tomorrow more about how to make these cords, which can be art as well as jewelry.


  1. Thanks Kathleen, I'd love to know more as ideas for neck cords are always a challenge for me.

  2. Now I didn't know you were a jewelry maker too. I really like these.

  3. I really like your idea of designing embellished cords. The use of the thread is very clean and clear. I also design cords but find it a difficult task to accomplish. I surely try to follow your style. I think it will make my task easy.

  4. Hi Vintage! glad you like these and hope you can use the idea.