Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cincinnati glitterati 3

In our search for glitter and gleam, let's move on to beads.

bugle beads / Cheryl Sleboda, Road to Home (detail)

round beads / Sally Westcott, Blackbird (detail)

leaf beads / Marlene Wells, Forest Floor (detail)

inch-thick beads / Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert, Black-Eyed Susans & Yellow Mexican Hats (detail)

sequins / Lynn Woll, Flowers for Me Diptych (detail)

dangling sequins / Helen Rhoades, Nautica Botanica (detail)


  1. Hi Kathy,

    Love your pictures from the show. I wasn't able to attend. Hey - on my quilt, you have a type on the title . . Flowers for Me (not fowers) :)

    Thanks for the acknowledgment!

    Lynn Woll

  2. Thanks for featuring my quilt, too! I'll be sure to send some bloggy love your way.
    -Cheryl "Muppin" Sleboda

  3. Lynn - OOOOOPS!!!! thanks for pointing this out! I fixed it.