Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deja vu

Somebody asked me if she could put a photo of one of my quilts in a book she's writing and of course I said yes.  But when it came time to send the photo, I realized that the quilt dates back to the era when photography resulted in slides.  I do have a digital image of the quilt, but it's not high enough resolution for publishing.

I've been meaning to get my old slides converted to digital images for a long time, but haven't gotten around to it, so when the author said I could just send her a slide I said great.  And then embarked upon a voyage to the past!

I still have my slide file cabinet, in really good order, with all the slides catalogued and filed with little tab dividers.  And my supply of plastic slide holders.

My day job used to involve a lot of slides and I could always bring home the beat-up plastic holders to feed my show entry habit.  When I retired I figured I had a lifetime supply of slide holders -- which turned out to be true.  Who knew that in a few years slides would become the next best thing to obsolete.

But here I was, rooting around in the drawers that I haven't opened in years, finding the slides, putting them in plastic holders, making a little protective carrier out of old quilt show postcards.  Just like the olden days.  Glad we don't have to do that any more for every show entry.

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