Friday, December 6, 2013

For your crabby reading pleasure 3

From the New York Times, a sappy little recurring feature in which some rich guy you never heard of provides one paragraph's worth of "wisdom:"

How to Multitask
By Matthew Mellon

I find that I'm a much more efficient multitasker if I talk about the big picture and don't waste a lot of time on specifics.  People can be slow and too specific with detail.  I prefer to just lay down the footprint, then worry about the specifics.  Otherwise you just get too overwhelmed.


Personally I find that it's more efficient if you never get to the specifics at all.  That's what your people are there for, right?


  1. this concept of just looking at the big picture - reminded me of a quote from Nancy Pelosi "“we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it " I'm quite sure she could use some decent people to iron out the specifics right about now

  2. Kathy, I can count on you to provide a chuckle when I need it. And I like the reminder that we have people, too, and they can come to our rescue.
    Martha Ginn

    1. so where do I get some people?

  3. Like last week when I Iost my cat--the vet, the singers at the concert, the friends who came to my exhibit--all comforted me, some not even aware of what they were giving. These are who I call "my people."
    Martha Ginn

  4. As for multi-tasking ... isn't the received wisdom that this is a skill rarer in the male gender than teeth in hens?