Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Since my daily art project this year has been maps, what else should I use in the Christmas ornaments?

Early in the year I made several daily arts with letters cut from maps pasted onto map backgrounds, experimenting with varying degrees of value contrast.  I liked the effect and thought it would work on a smaller scale for ornaments.

I cut up various maps and mounted them on small squares of mat bord, then cut initials from maps of different colors.  My early attempts were too low-contrast, so I mounted the initials on solid color paper, just enough to give a sharp outline.

On the back, I wrote the year with a brush and india ink.

As often happens, I got all the ornaments that needed to be mailed done in time, but lollygagged over those to be delivered in town.  I just finished the ones for Ken and me yesterday afternoon.  I rationalize my procrastination by saying that there is no more peaceful activity on Christmas Eve than to be in the studio, finishing up a task I love.

We don't exchange a lot of presents at Christmas time, thus sparing us the "joys" of crowded stores and traffic jams.  Instead I treasure the quiet time of making ornaments every year for a lot of special people.

I wish for every one of my friends, family and internet pals a happy Christmas and a very good year ahead.


  1. Every year now for several years opening your wrapped up ornaments is one of the highlights of my Christmas Eve Day when preparing the tree. Won't take many more years, and all the deco on the tree will be original art be Kathleen Loomis. I particularly loved this idea of using maps. Thank you for having me on the list of recipients!

  2. A wonderful tradition in the spirit of Christmas. So honored and happy to be part of it!