Saturday, March 7, 2020

Last week on Art With a Needle

I began the week worrying about the coronavirus.  We were scheduled to get on an airplane Tuesday to go to Monterey for a jazz festival, and as recently as a few days earlier I had been looking forward to it, even as my sons tactfully suggested that maybe it wasn't a good idea to go.  It's still safe, I assured them, and we might as well get a week of fun and vacation before the virus started to shut down our social life.

But reading the Sunday morning paper about cases in California -- yes, the same county where we were planning to fly in and out of, and spend at least one night -- changed my mind.  I gingerly suggested to my husband (who was the one who REALLY wanted to hear the music) that maybe the risk was too great, and to my surprise, he didn't need much persuading.  We canceled our trip, and I immediately felt a lot better.

What surprised me was how quickly my perception of risk changed -- less than a week from what-me-worry to let's-stay-home.  I hope I'm overly pessimistic, and the epidemic will fizzle out.  But I fear we will have some difficult days ahead.

The silver lining to this cloud was that I was able to attend our twice-a-year retreat after all.  I did mostly hand stitching, sewing my machine-stitched pink pyramid houses together and making progress on my newest cross-stitch piece.  Look at that almost empty table!  I don't find clean work surfaces like that at home.


  1. It's too bad our government didn't do what they needed to do to keep this virus under control here in the USA. Each day we hear more ways it is affecting our lives and economy. It's pretty scary. We have no plans to travel, but it makes us think twice about going to the movies etc. Terry has a few doc appts. coming up. Now THAT's scary.
    xx, Carol

    1. I'm not sure what the government could have done to keep things under control -- disease doesn't respect boundaries, or obey rules. You can't put a genie back in the bottle once it's escaped.

      You're right, it's scary!! I hope we can all come out relatively unscathed.

    2. If the healthy go to their required "well spouse" Dr. appointments then no one will get sick from the virus. Use your (home made maybe) hand sanitizers and wash often!

  2. My daughter flew into LA...she thinks I'm paranoid but I just think just being safe..oh well...she's attending a week long workshop. She always gets a cold when she travels...just hope it's not the corona virus this time! UGH!

  3. I guess it's the good news and the bad news that we all seem to be having these same thoughts. I'll be missing a big local biennial quilt show, as will most of my friends, because, well, it's a big crowd in an area known to be impacted, and we are all definitely in the age group that is considered vulnerable. And then, there is that week on Maui we were booked for at the end of April...sigh...stay well, all.