Thursday, April 30, 2020

Plague diary April 30 -- freezer update

I am happy that so many of my blog readers are getting a laugh or two out of the continuing saga of my new freezer.  Vickie left a comment: "Sorry about your freezer, but thanks for the diversion.  I love following the plot twists."  Robbie commented: "It's no fun for you but it's a fun post to read!!!"  Nancy commented:  "Oh my goodness, I think you must be such fun to hang out with.  You crack me up."  Readers, I didn't want to have all this trouble but I did it just for your pleasure!  So glad it worked.

Previously on Art With a Needle....  On April 10 GE Appliances said I was approved for a buyback, since they had spent a month failing to fix the freezer, and then failing to send me a replacement model.  They would FedEx a check to my local trucking company, which would in turn drive over, hand me the check and take away the freezer.  During the following week I called the trucking company a couple of times to see whether they had received the check and marching orders, but no they hadn't.

Then, surprise!  On April 20, the check came to me in the mail!  Not as promised, but hardly anything GE has done has been as promised.  We were happy.

Then I did something that I probably shouldn't have done.  I decided to wait and see what would happen next.  Would GE's fabulous inventory system even realize that there was a freezer out there needing to be collected?  Since that system could not tell whether a "temp sensor" would be shipped right this very afternoon or be on back order until August, I didn't have high hopes.

Sure enough, a week passed.  Then on this past Monday, April 27, my pal Sandy from Home Depot called me to see how things were going.  She was surprised, but not very, to hear that the check had been mailed instead of brought by the trucking company, and she said she would call somebody and get them moving on coming to get the freezer.

And this afternoon, they came.  The freezer left, and good riddance.   We've decided that pandemic or not, we can indeed live without a freezer in the garage, that the kitchen freezer compartment can indeed hold weeks and weeks worth of food. So much for our experiment in survivalism.


  1. So glad you got a positive resolution of this saga. But you did give us a wonderful account of the issues and we appreciate how far you went to keep us entertained! Thanks.

  2. we have always had a chest freezer; the only problem I had with one was that some vandals broke into our house (lovely neighbors) and stood on the lid to access things on the top shelves in my laundry room and broke the lid. Otherwise it lasts through hurricanes and power outages without a whimper. It does take some organization though to find things.

  3. Oh darn...and here I thought we'd have some future posts on freezer shopping!