Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Baby quilts 2 -- piecing

I now have all five tops pieced, or at least the main portions of them.  They're all pretty small and I'm debating whether to add borders to make them larger.  Ordinarily I would expect medium-small quilts to just go on the wall, and probably would go out of my way NOT to add borders.  But these are quilts for kids, and I know that little kids like to use their quilts -- wrap things in them, lie on them, furnish dollhouses and secret caves with them, hide under them.  So what is too small to use?

At some point Zuki gave me several yards of a dark navy cotton print with white origami cranes, and thought maybe it could be used in the quilts.  And I have already used it as sashing in one of the tops.  But would the smaller quilts look brighter with a lighter border, maybe a pink-and-white or blue-and-white stripe ?

Still thinking about what to do next.  Meanwhile, the one that seemed most ready to be quilted up -- the 2x3 above with the blue and white stripe border -- is sandwiched and started, and should be done tomorrow.

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