Thursday, January 28, 2021

Because you asked...

 After I posted yesterday about the coronavirus memorial quilt, Cozygirl left a comment and asked: "Will you handstitch the piecing together or use a machine?"

Answer: machine all the way!  

Several years ago I wrote a blog post about how I sew big postage stamp quilts together.  I still use the same method, and indeed the same little ziplock bags with numbers on them.  (On both sides, because you never know which side will be up at any given moment.)  

The quilt you see in these old photos is called "Epidemic" -- you can see the polka dots in it too, just like the new one.  I think some of the fabrics left over from that quilt will also show up in the one I'm making now.


  1. That's so helpful! You really set the system up nicely. I may give it a whirl soon.