Sunday, March 7, 2021

Mystery stitching -- did you do it?

Dabbling in the never-ending task of trying to clean out and organize my studio, I came upon a bag of hand stitching.  One piece I recognized as my own, from several years back, but three others were a total mystery.  On two of them I thought the base fabric looked somewhat familiar, from the days when I was using black walnuts for home-made dye, but the stitching was definitely not mine.

Very nice, but definitely not mine.  See details below.

I wrote two friends with whom I had loose collaborative agreements to do hand stitching together, and asked them whether they were the artists and if so, did they want the pieces back.  Neither one recognized any of the work.

So I'll ask everybody out there -- are you the mystery stitcher?  If so, (1) why is your work in a bag in my studio? and (2) do you want it back?


  1. This whole thing makes me strangely happy! I've discovered piles of partially pieced blocks (not mine) in my stash, but at least those I'm fairly certain came in destash boxes I inherited from someone. I've never found any unidentified pieces of art quilts or embroidery in progress. I hope we hear the resolution of the mystery! If not would you consider making them into something?

  2. Beautiful work, unfortunately not mine. I wish it was!