Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Updated at last

It's been way too long since my website was updated, but as of today you can see the new, improved me at  kathleenloomis.com!    

Updating one's public image is a task requiring much thought, followed by much scrabbling around to find the right images and write the right text.  Quilts that seemed important several years ago look out-of-date or even juvenile.  Adorable remarks about oneself look embarrassing.  Entire new bodies of work have appeared and need to be categorized. 

"Pink Specs," in the new 3-D gallery

The biggest change in my website has been to include a lot of stuff that is not quilts.  I added new galleries about hand stitching, collage and three-dimensional work.  I wrote more about my daily art practice, and improved the labels on my daily art blog so people could link from the website and find, for instance, all my calligraphy from 2019 to date in the same place.  

I added a gallery about writing and teaching, added my recent new offerings for individual long-distance mentoring, and realized that I should update everything on this blog as well to reflect which workshops are too hands-on to be taught during pandemic.  (No heads close together to get the needle  right in Magic Cross Stitch, but now I have a detailed tutorial so you can learn it at home.)

I should give a shout-out to Holly Knott, the web designer who did all the heavy lifting for me.  I've known about her for many years; we used to be on the same quilting email forums, and a whole lot of quilters have turned to her for website development.  In fact, I recommended her to my local fiber and textile art group before I ever hired her myself.  She's great, and if your website needs an uplift, she might be just the one to help with the plastic surgery.

So if you have a few minutes to kill, why don't you give the new me a visit and see what you think!


  1. Well done Kathy!
    It is good to see all of your achievements together.

  2. Wow! Guess I've never been to your web site! living in a cave can make one very isolated! HA Looks wonderful! I did check out several of your pages and will now bookmark your site! Nice job!

  3. Your new blog is terrific! I used Holy Knott for my first website. She was great to work with but I never had it updated. That's when I went to a blog.