Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

I've been dyeing Easter eggs with the now-ten-year-old for several years.  We missed last year, at the height of the first surge of coronavirus, and that also meant that the now-three-year-old missed her first chance to participate.  So it was especially good to be all together again, vaccinated and ventilated, this year.

The plan this year was to immerse the eggs only partway in the dye, then in a subsequent bath, spin the egg so the colors overlap and blend in pretty ovals. 

It worked out very well.

A few of the eggs even had special effects, for reasons that we couldn't figure out.  Maybe because the tablets were still fizzing when the egg went in?  And how about that yin/yang curve on the green-and-yellow egg?  

Happy Easter!  


  1. I like the bright colors. I don't know if it's faulty memory or real, but I don't remember such vivid colors when I was little. Or it could have be that subdued colors were the fashion back then? OTOH, I suspect any egg dyeing was done with food colors sparingly used, not special kits. Oh, poor deprived me! :-)

    1. I think you're right -- I always remember plain, pale pastels. We did leave the eggs in the dye a lot longer this year -- I set a timer for five minutes. Also I think I used less water than you're supposed to. Very happy with the results.

  2. How wonderful to make these memories! Just wonderful!