Thursday, April 22, 2021

Is this mending? I guess so...

If you define mending as fixing a dysfunctional garment with a needle and thread, then yes, this is mending.  The cardboard mask was the perfect complement to a superhero cape, except it was so poorly engineered that the only point of contact between mask and nose came way too far down, and the forehead didn't support the weight of the mask, and it HURT!! 

So I found a piece of an old T shirt, and stuffed it with poly batting, and affixed it to the inside of the mask with stitching and a bit of glue, and all is well in the superworld.   

Afterwards, ice cream was served, which made the day perfect.


  1. That's a major reason for mending! And the perfect smiling result!

  2. This is fun ! not mending.....

  3. And you are the super grandma to a super hero. Good save!