Thursday, June 10, 2010

Katy is channeling me!

My internet pen pal Katy has been on my wavelength recently. 

First, she took up my challenge to make daily art and is doing a calendar quilt with a square for every day. Her rule is to make five-inch blocks, using only solid colors, representing something about her day.  She's finished 20 blocks so far and is feeling energized.

Second, she used the April Quilt Date technique of piecing narrow lines. You can see both of these projects on her blog

I am so happy that some of my ideas have found a receptive mind to alight in.  One of the great joys of the internet, and of the art communities that it has enabled, is the opportunity to give and get ideas and support.

A year ago, in fact, it was Katy who was supporting me.  I wrote on the Quiltart list that I was doing a huge job of sinking the thread ends in a quilt, and had managed to break two or three needle threaders already.  Where do you buy needle threaders? I asked the list (without having to buy a whole pack of crummy needles to get one threader).  Katy replied that she had acquired a whole box of them from her sewing machine repair guy, and would send me some.  Which she did -- a lifetime supply and then some.  What a friend!!

just some of the needle threaders Katy sent me last year

So I'm happy to see that I can return the favor by giving her an idea or two.

PS -- Katy's new calendar quilt project brings to mind the fact that I made a calendar quilt several years ago too.  I have referred to it in passing on the blog, but I should really talk a little more about it.  Tune in tomorrow.


  1. Hahaha! I am! I am! The thing I love about your blog is that it is not just a fun read, it challenges me and pushes me to try things that I might not otherwise.It makes me think about things. It is like healthy food vs. junk food. It has substance and the teacher in me loves that.

    Oh, then there is the fact that I absolutely love your art :)!

    Thanks for the shout out and have a great day!

  2. Kathy- what do you mean by "sinking the thread ends" and how do you use a needle threader to do that? Thanks. Judy