Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photo thoughts 4 -- nature pictures

Another category of photos that I don’t do very often is nature. I admire Ansel Adams as much as you do, but I don’t aspire to take his kind of pictures. You can’t do a very good job capturing the grandeur of nature with a point-and-shoot, and living in the city it’s not like I’m passing up the chance to shoot Half Dome in the moonlight anyway.

I tend to use nature photos as my desperation shots – for the days when I didn’t get a decent photo of anything else and I just need something fast to fulfill my daily art commitment. Fortunately my husband keeps a glorious garden so I can always find a decent picture in three minutes door to door, but I consider these shots to be uninspired. Beautiful, yes, but you can get the same effect from a seed catalog.

I live within walking distance of two marvelous parks and a beautiful though sometimes smelly creek, but I have not done them justice in my photographic pursuits. Maybe I should resolve to do more walking in the park and see what I can find to take pictures of.

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