Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Textiles in a Tube 3

A strange thing happened as I juried Textiles in a Tube 2, now on display in Riverworks Gallery in Greenville SC.  Again and again, the entries I chose turned out to be red!

I don't think I have a bias toward red; I can come up with a plausible argument in favor of loving just about any color you can mention (well, maybe not brown....).   I even went back and looked at the images I had rejected to search my soul as to whether I was just on a color roll, but no, wherever there was a choice I just liked the red ones much better than the blue ones or the green ones.

So heck, that's what you're going to see.  The gallery people did say it makes their job so much easier when there's a color predominance, because just about anything will be happy next to just about anything else.  Here are three red quilts that I loved:

Pat Pauly, Breaking Silence, detail below

Pat's mix of hand-dyes, commercial fabrics and screenprinting makes a dense and complex layering of images, abstract and evocative.

Gail Baar, ColorForm 13, detail below

Gail's spare composition is well balanced, confidently colored, beautifully crafted and has a solemn presence.  A good mix of neutrals and colors gives it gravitas.

Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Picking Up the Pieces, detail below

This is a small piece but its irregular shape gives extra character.  Again, the nice mix of neutrals gives more oomph to the brights.  Beautifully crafted and quilted.

And it's red.

I'll show you some more reds from the show tomorrow.

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