Monday, February 11, 2013

Recurring motifs 8 -- eyes

I wish I could remember which artist's work I was looking at when I became enamored of the recurring all-seeing eye.  As with spirals, I'd never noticed this symbol either in my work or in my doodles, even though it has powerful mojo and is very easy to execute.

The eye showed up as a standalone.

(I think this is an eye, too.)

And I got adventurous in putting interesting eyes onto my faces.

But I don't think I have internalized this symbol yet.  Maybe I need to do a month of eyes and see what happens.  As somebody who has worn glasses since kindergarten and whose father was legally blind at the end of his life, I need to harness any magical power available to keep my poor weak eyes from getting any worse.


  1. I hope there is some magical powers for you here. Our eyes are so important! I like your exploration!

  2. I have always had a fascination with eyes. The Bible calls them "The Window to the Soul." I use them a lot in my art. Never explored their use with embroidery thread. Interesting.