Friday, October 3, 2014

Sewing again

I was invited to show several of my postage stamp quilts at a gallery in Charleston WV this winter, and thought it might be a good idea to have some smaller works that could have three-figure pricetags.  So I've been sewing little postage stamps and assembling them into arrays.  Haven't decided yet what kind of rod I will use to suspend them; a trip to Home Depot is on the agenda.

I could sew these little darlings all day -- and in fact if you want to make a large quilt with three or four thousand pieces you have to sew all day and all a whole lot of other days.  Fortunately with a DVR and trash TV you can fuel a l-o-n-g sewing marathon.

Yes, we're having fun.


  1. And it's fun looking at them! Love the idea of a sewing marathon ... my sewing machine is buried under things that need to find a home ...

  2. They are great! Trash tV - I get it. My fave is a marathon day of B-movies. (A marathon day of Alfred Hitchcock or Harry Potter is also a good TV day.) Oh the sewing I can do on those days! Good luck at the gallery - these are great pieces!