Friday, September 30, 2016

Adam and Eve 3

I'm not sure why Eve is resisting arrest; I can't seem to get a figure that works.

The version I copied from somebody else's print had wide hips and thighs but virtually no shoulders or upper body.  I drew that several times but I didn't like her legs; it looked like she was wearing pants.

So I tapered her calves and ankles to almost nothing; the poor thing could barely stand up.

Sometimes she was pregnant.

As with Adam, on the occasions when I let facial features slip into the drawing I generally regretted it immediately.

I can't decide whether I want her to be a massively swollen fertility presence like the Venus of Willendorf, or a curvy cutie. Can't decide whether the breasts or the hips are the female archetype I want to emphasize.  I guess I'll just have to keep drawing her until she reveals her true nature to me.

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