Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Don't you love spellcheck?

I spent the last couple of days at the computer, trying to finish up two big projects.  One was to put out another issue of my art zine with Blurb, my in-demand publisher of choice, with whom I have made several books and magazines. 

The very last step before you hit the "SEND" button is a spell check.  I don't put much faith in spell check, because I have seen it leave too many trusting souls in the lurch, but I always run it anyway because you never know.  And with Blurb's version, because it provides a dose of much-needed humor.

Blurb's grammar mavens obviously don't approve of contractions.

They apparently don't believe that a quotation can start with an uncapitalized word.

They never heard of a blog.

Strangely, for a publishing company, they don't recognize the copyright symbol.

And the coup de grace is always what the spellcheck thinks of my blog name.


  1. Thank you for laughter, the best medicine, this morning!

  2. Oh, yes, that one's a prize!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. it would be so tempting to name a blog 'triclorethane'

  4. OK...the correction to your blog name made me laugh right out loud :~)

  5. Spell check corrections seem to be getting worse over time. I've run into this contraction issue too. This post really gave me a chuckle, especially that last suggested correction. And wouldn't you know, I left one r out of correction in the previous sentence and the auto correct on my tablet thought I meant direction. This is why I think AI will never become a full substitute for humans. They can't master common sense.

  6. I actually laughed out loud at that last one! LOL!! Thank you.

  7. Makes you wonder what dictionary Blurb is using! Are you considering renaming your blog? haha.