Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Crabby about pockets -- amen!

One of my art pals sent me links to a bunch of articles about pockets -- namely, rants about how the pockets in women's clothing are always much smaller than those in men's clothing.  I read them all and found myself getting madder the more I read.  Because they are so right!!

Read the best ones here, and here.

Fortunately those of us who know how to sew can remedy the situation.  I can't count the number of readymade garments that I have augmented with better pockets, or pattern-made garments that I have improved with more pockets.  Among my greatest hits was a pair of pants that I cut off to knee-length, then used the cut-off fabric to put huge cargo pockets on both thighs.

In my closet right now are a pair of jeans with the shallowest pockets I've seen in ages. 

I added five inches in length to the right-hand one just before I embarked on a trip (but never got around to doing the same with the other one).

And a suede-like shirt that had no pockets at all!  What were they thinking!!  Even if you carry a handbag, which I don't, where do you put a Kleenex or a Chapstick?

Fortunately the shirt had a horizontal seam right about where the top of a pocket should fall.  I opened the seam, added a big pocket in a matching batik palette, made a button loop out of the batik and used the extra button from the little plastic envelope.

Hah!  Outsmarted the product police!


  1. My daughter gave me some pants with awesome, deep and numerous pockets...her discontinued Army camouflage pants. When they switch to a different pattern, she can't wear the old one any more, so I have them. Sometimes I lose things because there are so many pockets to look in and I love it!! I hate carrying a purse and do so rarely. Fight the big fight to get decent pockets in women's clothing!!

  2. I am impressed right down to the ground with your ingenuity. I recently found myself in an outfit totally lacking pockets. Tucked my tissue in the elastic waistband of my pants. It quickly worked its way to unreachable regions. Grrrr! There oughta be a law.

  3. I love pockets and hate carrying purses, so totally agree with you. I think they skimp on the pockets out of cheapness. Another similar "fashion" is for cardigans that 'meet in the middle'. No buttons, no snaps, just nothing, and since they aren't designed properly, they do not meet properly either. I think in retail it's to save on buttons and facings. Sadly, this trend has carried over to knitting patterns as well. Many sweaters just hang there and you have to design the button band and figure out button spacing yourself. I'm convinced this is because making things properly is considered "too hard", and so we all must run about clutching the fronts of our clothes together. I saw some lady on the street yesterday clutching her coat together. What's the use of a coat if it has no way to close it?