Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Workshop report 1

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about leading a workshop for Loose Threads, a small group of fiber artists in Evansville IN.  When I teach fine-line piecing I like to spent the first day slicing up large pieces of fabric and piecing them back together with very skinny "mortar" lines.  The longer you work on something, the more lines will appear and the more complex the composition.  You can also turn the pieces upside down or add a second color before you sew it back together.


after working late into the evening



The second day we worked with a different method of construction: starting with small modules or strips and building them up into larger expanses.  Some people stuck with their first-day compositions and made them even more complex with new modules.

second day afternoon

The moral of this story, I guess, is that when the schedule says it's time to stop and move on to another task, sometimes it isn't.


  1. Looks like a fun class!! I really enjoy the more improvisational piecing.

  2. The blocks don't look too great...until you stitch them back together and square them up!! Then POW! Great blocks. Perfect piecing for those that fear matching corners. I really love this concept.
    xx, Carol

  3. I have loved this technique since I first started reading your blog. Nice to see you still introducing it to others--but you will always be the master!

  4. I really like seeing what can be done with your fine line technique. I really enjoy playing around with it myself!