Thursday, March 21, 2019

I find home, finally

The consensus of my art pals was that they liked the photos, but they also liked the home songs.  So, too exhausted to keep fighting, I decided to combine the two and make an accordion book.  Printed out the photos quite small at the top of the page, then calligraphed songs at the bottom.  Put the book together with washi tape.

After all these months of angst and indecision, the execution was surprisingly effortless, except for the two pages that got inkblots on them and had to be redone.  And the two pages that got printed out before I noticed that the color cartridge was out of magenta.

Now I just hope that the pages -- printed onto card stock -- will be stiff enough to stand up on a pedestal for five weeks.  If not, I'll have to build remedial scaffolding behind it, but that might sort of fit the "home" theme too.

The show opens March 28 and will have work by all the PYRO member artists, plus a guest artist invited by each of us.  Drop by if you're in the vicinity of Louisville!


  1. Sometimes the simple solutions give us the clearest picture of what we are trying to convey. This looks like it does the job!