Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Finding home -- Plan F, or maybe it's G...

Faithful readers know that I have been struggling with something to make for our gallery theme show called "finding home."  I made a little stitched house, but that seemed too cutesy.  Then I made some stitched pyramids but the first one seemed to be not stitched enough, and when I made two more I failed to allow for distortion of the fabric under the stitches, with the end result that the pyramids were falling over on their faces. 

Then a brainstorm: instead of 3-D houses I would make 2-D houses and mount them on a thick black canvas.  Two years ago I had made some little hand-stitched pieces that I mounted that way, and they were all bought within days of going up on the wall in the gallery.  Maybe I could achieve a similar effect with machine stitching.  My plan was to make three pieces -- all with pink houses, but with different sky colors.  Maybe I would call them morning, noon and night.

I got two houses and one background stitched and showed them to two groups of art pals, who were generally underwhelmed. 

I was getting discouraged.  The art has to be on the wall two weeks from today and while I could easily produce three of them in time for the show to begin, I didn't feel great about it.  Usually I am not bothered by negative critical comments from others, perhaps because I don't often show work in process to others.  But for some reason this show has me jinxed, and I have lost my self-confidence.

What now????

Do not give me any suggestions, please; my problem now is too many ideas and too little focus.  In the next posts I'll tell you what I've decided (I think) to do for the show.


  1. I love the falling over pyramids. Is it possible to weight them at the base, so they stand but you still get the feeling of instability

  2. I really love your little stitched house on the blue background. In some sort it reminds of Van Gogh.

  3. I love the leaning pyramids too

  4. Thank you for the insight into your process. I love that you can just push through the try/fail cycle

  5. I really like the stitches 2D houses. And the pyramid houses are a great concept.