Saturday, October 12, 2019

Last week on Art With a Needle

After I wrote about my daily calligraphy, Helen sent a link to some beautiful embroidery by Olga Kovalenko, who starts with a calligraphed word and then executes it in stitching.  I can't tell from the detail shot what stitches she has used, but I would guess satin stitch for the long, smooth lines, maybe french knots for the little ink spatters.  The work is great -- I would be happy if I could simply do the calligraphy, let alone translate it into stitching!!

Olga Kovalenko, Uncertainty

I've finished piecing three small crossroads tops and have one quilted. Still experimenting in search of a way to display quilts in something other than the standard sleeve-and-rod format that I've been using for decades.  I'm going to wrap this batch around 14 x 14 canvases, staple them to the back, and see what that looks like.

Here's my favorite miniature of the week, beads made from air-drying clay, colored with whatever ink was left in the pen after several days of calligraphy:

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  1. I've been doing all my small quilts on 12 x 12 canvas for display. If they are going to a show for for sale I put a felt backing over the staples. There is also a glue that can be found at Joanns called Elmer's Craft Bond which a friend and I have used to hold the wrapped around part of small quilts to the back. So far it looks to be holding. I'll check in a year to see if it has dried up and loosened. I found it in the paper craft section.